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Samsung is one of the fastest-growing conglomerates. It is a group of family businesses from South Korea. The company is known in the world market as a manufacturer of high-tech products. Before that, he was engaged in the manufacture of food products, the export of fish, the development of the textile industry, insurance, and the sale of real estate.

Samsung has changed the specifics of the business several times and with it the company logo. The current symbol is considered an example of successful rebranding, largely thanks to well-developed marketing and large-scale advertising events. It is completely unlike previous versions – in terms of color palette and font.

The word “SAMSUNG” is similar to DDT Cond SemiBold and Helvetica Black. It is characterized by clear lines, multiple angles, and a lack of serifs. The letter “A,” which consists of only two diagonal strokes, deserves special attention.

Samsung Logo Font

Samsung Font


Samsung Sans – Galaxy series

Samsung Font