Ferrari Logo Font

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It was the first time in 1947 that the firstĀ Ferrari racing car was produced. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, a racing car driver, the company has since been one of the worldā€™s leading manufacturers of expensive sports cars. Today you can buy Ferrari in a variety of colors including pale yellow, black and metallic gray and red.

FerrariĀ has become an international brand and a global symbol of wealth and prestige, and the value of the company and its logo has grown remarkably. Ferrari annually sells many nonprofit products worth $ 1.5 billion worldwide. Ferrariā€™s non-car products, designed and manufactured at 4 different offices around the world, include products such as apparel, watches, sunglasses, shoes, mobile covers and, of course, small models of the companyā€™s products that are all imprinted on the Ferrari logo.

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