Chanel Logo Font

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Do you know aboutĀ Chanel font? This is a signatureĀ Logo fontĀ of the brand of the same name. Chanel is a well-known brand for high-end fashion and cosmetics with luxury products exclusively for the trendy. Chanel was officially founded in 1909 and is headquartered in France. Their main products are perfumes, fashion accessories, and clothes. By 2020, Chanel has a chain of more than 300 stores worldwide.

Chanel font has another name, Couture font, This is aĀ Sans Serif fontĀ with two unique styles, Bold Italic and Bold. Couture font was designed by Chase Babb in 2012. The author of this font has been careful in every stroke and succeeds in giving a luxurious, smooth look to each letter in this font.

With its innovative and elegant features, this versatile font is perfect for sophisticated designs such as official business cards, wedding cards, Invitation cards, create a movie title, regular book covers, designing a logo, birthday cards, compose a comic, game developing, and much more.

Chanel Logo Font

Chanel Logo Font Chanel Logo Font

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